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Lawlor Consulting Group went above and beyond to help our staff develop and implement strategies that were instrumental in taking our programs to the next level.  They also provided excellent training, as well as valuable coaching to the staff, that has caused us to think more critically and intentionally on how to have the greatest impact on the clients that we serve.


-Jocelyn Jones -Executive Director of The Ark of St. Sabina. 


The Gary Comer Youth Center has partnered with Lawlor Consulting Group for over five years. In that time Lawlor Consulting has been instrumental with the development and administration of our program evaluation tools and strategy, staff development strategy as well as talent acquisition. The services that we have received have really paid off for us – bringing us closer to the realization of our mission. The services are conscientious, caring, strategic and professional. We truly appreciate what Lawlor Consulting has done for us.

-Ayoka Noelle Mota Samuels - Center Director, Gary Comer Youth Center 


Ayoka Noelle Mota Samuels- Center Director, Gary Comer Youth Center 

Jennifer Ramirez - Founder/ Executive Director,

& Rise 

Chris Lynch- Assistant Director, Sylvester House  

Shioban Lawler - Executive Director,

Revitalize Black Chicago

Nedra Sims Fears - Executive Director, Greater Chatham Initiative 


Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) 

Justice Advisory Council (JAC)

Millennial Beacon 

Pennie's Tea 

St. Anthony Hospital 

Gary Comer Youth Center

Revitalize Black Chicago 

Freedom's Journal Institute

The Narrative changers

Flossmoor Community Church 


Thornton Fractional School District 

GWC Ministries 

Greater Chatham Initiative 

Sylvester House 

Alicia Pruitt Foundation 

& Rise Chicago 

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