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Lawlor Consulting Group

At Lawlor Consulting Group LLC, we improve organizations' effectiveness by helping our clients help people in communities with our capacity-building strategies and technical assistance that lead our clients to continue doing what they do best. Capacity Building is the process of developing an organization's strength and investment in a nonprofit's effectiveness and future sustainability. More than just necessary, it's essential for your nonprofit's health and longevity. Capacity building enables you to focus on your mission – not simply on survival. 


Capacity building is not a sporadic effort to improve your organization's effectiveness but instead requires a more ongoing improvement strategy toward forming a sustainable and effective organization. With capacity building, you can focus all your concentration and strength on providing services and expanding projects that might need to be more effective or provide impact.

Lawlor Consulting Group (LCG) provides strategic guidance and customized support (based on evidence-based practices) that enables organizations to maximize their effectiveness and impact. We do this by helping organizations with our capacity building and technical assistance services such as organization startup, fundraising, grant writing services, assessment & evaluation services, assistance with program development & implementation, staff & youth development training, social media marketing, leadership coaching, as well as providing community organizing & strategic planning, that support the missions and purpose of organizations.


We strive to see 100 % of our clients achieve success and ongoing sustainability to continue doing the great work they are doing in our communities. Our company's cultural values, mission, and vision guide our team of experienced consultants to achieve exceptional results with our clients. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding customer service and unmatched client experience.


 Lawlor Consulting Group LLC is a company for the people. LCG is in the community, for the community, and with the community. Therefore, when you call on LCG, you can be sure we will listen to your needs and know how to respond.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the primary leader in strategically identifying and connecting our clients

with quality resources to help them transform lives in communities.

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