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At Lawlor Consulting Group LLC, we improve nonprofit effectiveness by helping our clients save money and time

 securing funding with our grant writing services, evaluations & assessments, and program development, 

supporting their mission and leading to continued funding and sustainability. 


We strive to see 100 % of our clients achieve success and ongoing sustainability to continue doing the great work they are doing in our communities.  The cultural values, mission, and vision of our company guide our team of experienced consultants to achieve exceptional results with our clients.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding Customer service and client experience unmatched.


We believe that youth will benefit more if we partner with them and the organizations that serve them and to work together to create quality programs that will enhance their skills and shape the way they will lead our nation

in the future.  When you call on Lawlor Consulting Group LLC you can be sure we will help you transform lives in communities. 



Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the primary leader in strategically identifying and connecting our client with quality resources to help them transform lives in communities. 



Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the primary company organizations think of when they need to measure the impact of their programs that serve the people in our communities.


Meet the Founder

Tony Lawlor is an avid youth practitioner and advocate for youth voice and choice.  Having successfully lead the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (IDCFS) Statewide Youth Advisory Board for several years, Tony was part of a team that successfully advocated for several policy changes that benefited the over 15,000 youth in care.  In addition, he went on to become a co-founder of a youth organization serving hundreds of current and former youth in care.  The impact he had on youth was so tremendous; the positive affects are still noticed today.  Tony seen the importance of quality youth programing and the life changing affects it has on youth first hand.  As a result, this led him to create Lawlor Consulting Group LLC, to enable him to expand his reach to serve all youth and their families regardless of their disposition.  


CEO, Founder


Mailing address:

17 E Monroe St. Suite 121 Chicago, IL 60603-5608  |   (312)330-4498

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